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Contributing to DevDocs

New Contributor

Community contributions have increased dramatically over the past year. We've been digging through GitHub PRs and issues to add relevant content to DevDocs and Merchant guides. But did you know you can contribute your expert knowledge in DevDocs too?


What can I write?

Typos and formatting fixes, updated code samples, new and modified CLI commands, and deeper information and workflows—we welcome your doc contributions! Share your expertise and earn reward points.


To get started:


  • Check issues marked Help Wanted or Good First Issue for DevDocs and PWA DevDocs.
  • Send your great feedback to us! Click the smiley face in the bottom right-corner of DevDocs to tell us how we’re doing.
  • In the top right-hand corner, click Edit this Page on GitHub to submit your changes or Report an issue to tell us something doesn’t look right.


Want to dig in and write?

Love to write documentation or want to try it yourself? It’s easy to get started. DevDocs is a public GitHub repo. Here’s the quick way to get started, or see our Contributor Guide:


  1. Fork the DevDocs public repo or create a branch.
  2. Write your content in markdown (.md) files, include diagrams, code samples, and CLI commands.
  3. Create a PR.
  4. We will review the PR, help with edits, formats, and add it to the navigation.


If you entered a GitHub issue, we can work with you to create and submit a PR to gain community contribution status and earn reward points.


New to writing but want to help?

Not comfortable writing and want to provide feedback and content? We accept GitHub issues for DevDocs.


Enter a GitHub Community DevDoc issue:

  • Fill in as much information as you can: Magento version, porting, links to GitHub issues and code PRs
  • Notify us of special changes: CLI commands, error messaging, REST endpoints, changed tech requirements
  • Tell us about the code changes, feature updates, and more.


Here’s an example of a great GitHub DevDocs issue using the community template! If we have questions, we will @message you in the issue.


PRs earn Contribution Points

You earn Contributor Points for every accepted and merged PR. The amount of points differs according to the type of content you provide: more points for new content and major updates, lower points for typo and link fixes.


Writers will review PRs, ask for updates, and merge the content to DevDocs. You write; we edit and publish.


Chat with DevDocs

Proficient in all things Slack? Get in touch with us in the Magento CommEng #devdocs channel.  Need to an invite? Join our community slack.  


Or tweet us @magentodevdocs.


Keep watching for writers at Contributor Days and Hackathons. We’re happy to talk docs and help get your knowledge into the guides. You may have recently seen us at Imagine, Meet Magento Netherlands, and Meet Magento Germany contributor days.