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Data Migration Tool from BlueFoot to Page Builder

New Contributor

Page Builder provides powerful tools to easily create new pages and edit content by dragging-and-dropping provided content elements. Today, we released a new tool and documentation to help BlueFoot users migrate data and upgrade to use Page Builder with Magento Commerce!


This content migration module enables BlueFoot users to migrate all content from BlueFoot blocks to the new Page Builder content types. If you currently use BlueFoot with Magento, you are now able to upgrade to Magento Commerce 2.3.1 with Page Builder 1.0.0 without losing website content.


Migrate BlueFoot data and upgrade


First, upgrade to Magento Commerce 2.3.1 with Page Builder 1.0.0. You can then install the migration tool through a separate Composer package. Out of the box, the tool migrates content created with the core BlueFoot blocks.


The Bluefoot Content Migration Developers Guide provides all information needed to prepare, upgrade, and migrate.


Migration recommendations


Migrating content created with custom BlueFoot blocks requires you to either modify the migration tool or recreate the content manually in Page Builder.


We also recommend the following:


  • To migrate a high number of simple pages, we recommend using the migration tool. 
  • For key pages, like your home page, we recommend rebuilding those pages in Page Builder. Page Builder is much more powerful than BlueFoot, and this is an opportunity to elevate the shopping experience on your site.
  • Use the tool in a development environment before deploying it to the production environment.
  • Create sufficient backups before completing any form of content migration.


Resources and more


To learn more about Page Builder and the migration tool, see the following documentation: