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Deprecation of Split Database in Magento Commerce

Ben Marks
Certification Board Member

Since 2015, Split Database functionality has been offered within Magento Commerce as a tool that merchants can take advantage of to improve performance. Thanks to enhancements over the last few years to the Magento platform, merchants are now able to match Split Database performance via a single database method. For this reason, we're excited to announce that in the coming release of Magento 2.4.2, we will begin the process of deprecating Split Database.


While Magento always works to avoid and limit deprecations, over a long-enough timeline in a fast-moving space like eCommerce, deprecations are unavoidable on occasion. In the specific case of Split Database, this feature is being deprecated following continued innovation in and improvements to the platform. This change affords merchants who take advantage of moving to a single database solution the opportunity to reduce complexity, which can in turn help reduce overhead.


This change also allows for future evolution of the Magento platform. We are working on new microservice-based architecture, including per-business-domain storage, and will be sharing more information on this - as well as new scaling options in 2.4.3 - in the months ahead.


Which Merchants May be Impacted by this Change? 

Only on-premises Magento Commerce merchants (i.e. those merchants who do not rely on our Cloud hosting) who have specifically enabled and built their database upon the Split Database feature. These merchants will need to migrate to a single-database approach. Your in-house team or agency will be able to identify whether your Magento site utilizes Split Database. Final removal of Split Database is currently slated for Magento Commerce 2.5, which will launch no sooner than 2022.


Can my Magento Commerce Site Continue to Use Split Database Past 2.4.2?

Split Database will continue to be available within 2.4.x, but as of the launch of 2.4.2, it will only receive security fixes until its removal. We recommend, therefore, that merchant sites impacted by this change complete migration during the upgrade to 2.4.2 and above.


How do I Migrate From Split Database to a Single Database Solution?

Guidance on migrating Split Database to a single database solution is available on DevDocs.


Does this Impact Magento Commerce Merchants who Have Split Architecture on Magento’s Cloud Hosting?

No, Split Architecture for Magento Commerce merchants who are hosted on our Cloud offering is an unrelated feature and is not impacted by this change.


This post has been updated to reflect that Split Database will continue to receive security fixes and to clarify that domain-specific storage will be available as part of the rollout for microservice architecture.