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GDPR compliance and Magento Marketplace

Magento Team

The date for GDPR compliance is almost upon us (May 25, 2018).  Magento Marketplace is going to make it easier to communicate privacy policies with current and potential EU customers.


Privacy Policy.pngStarting May 1, when logging in to the developer portal, you will be prompted to add the URL to your privacy policy in account settings. The URL will be displayed on all of your extensions' product pages under the documentation link. 





We understand it is your decision to become GDPR compliant, but we believe all customers should have easy access to privacy policies so this new field will be required. 


New developers: Those posting to Magento Marketplace for the first time on May 1 forward, will have to provide their privacy policy URL in order for their extensions to be posted.


Existing developers: Those who have extensions on Magento Marketplace will need to provide their URL before any new extensions or versions can be posted.


For more information about GDPR:

Magento GDPR site

GDPR compliance checklist

EU General Data Protection Regulation website

Occasional Contributor



Can you tell us as merchants how I can delete data from our site when a visitor has abandoned the checkout but they had entered personable details ? Their details usually show in: SALES>ORDERS , usually as cancelled or pending.


Or even if the customer has a history here in the SALES>ORDERS - how can i delete this ?

There only currently exists back end functionality for me to delete the personable  details of the customer if they had created an account in the CUSTOMERS>ALL CUSTOMERS screen.


I believe with GDPR we should delete such personable information after X amount of time once we have served them and they are a Guest. Therefore, I can only imagine this would be done manually.


Please advise.

M1 Certified

There is free extension available for magento 2 to delete this kind of data. 
It allow customer to delete there by own from frontend and also provide option for admin too