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GitHub Issue Priority

New Contributor

One of the privileges of running an open source software project is having direct and open interaction with our users. We've relied on GitHub as the major medium for this interaction for well over two years. Recent developer experience initiatives, such as Magento DevBox and the Community Engineering charter, are designed to broaden and better facilitate our interaction with the community going forward. This is the first of several posts which provide more detail about individual improvements.


GitHub's issues list offers a place to report and discuss potential issues. Our core team checks to see if submitted Magento 2 issues can be reproduced and are not duplicates. Confirmed issues are then prioritized to be fixed and eventually released.


As I shared at MagentoLive France this morning, our community is now able to help us prioritize issues through the use of GitHub's "Reactions" feature: thumbs-up is a vote for prioritizing an issue, and thumbs-down is a vote against prioritizing it. We will use these votes to help us order issues for resolution, which means that our community has a greater ability to influence what our core team is working on. Issues most important to our users will be more likely to be resolved and released sooner.




As a reminder, feature requests should be directed to, and upvoted at, the feature request subforum.


This is one of many enhancements to our community collaboration. We look forward to your contributions and feedback to help us prioritize the issues that matter to you. If you have any questions, please comment below.