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Introducing the New DevBlog

Magento Team



It's a brand new year, and we are hitting the ground running. Magento has maintained a blog covering commerce, events, partners, and of course our software since 2007. While some of us (Alan Kent, Max Yekateryenko, and myself) have posted technical content to our personal blogs, we've yet to provide a dedicated space under the Magento banner to collect these posts, and, more importantly, to solicit further content from the rest of our team.


Thanks in no small part to the efforts of several team members—especially our Community Manager, Sherrie Rohde—we are today announcing the launch of our Magento Developer Blog. This blog is the place for developer-focused news direct from the source. It is integrated into our forum software, which means that the contents will be included in forum search results—something important given that we have doubled the number of forum members since this time last year (more that 200,000 of you)!


Most important to us—and, we believe, to you—is the ability to easily comment on the posts using your existing Magento login. We encourage your feedback on these posts, and welcome your suggestions for topics to cover. We expect commenters to abide by our forum code of conduct in order to keep the discussion focused and constructive.


This is the first of several developer-focused initiatives which we are delivering this year, with others soon to follow. Expect to read more about these as they are announced here. We are laser-focused on enabling the success of Magento developers, who are the lifeblood of the Magento ecosystem.


Onwards & Upwards,
Ben Marks, Chief Evangelist

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New Contributor

Will all Magento blogs be moving to the forums, or just the developer blog?

Community Manager

Just the developer blog, @Navarr.

M1 Certified

Yay, this is good news! Rather than technical content, will there be any other topic like case learning, future plans, extension reviews etc? Also, from whom we should expect future DevBlog posts?

Community Manager

Hi @muhammedv, we have a post from @JasonWoosley, our SVP of Product & Technology that will go live tomorrow and answer the question as to future plans and more of what to expect here. 


You'll also see an update soon from @maxyek, our Director of Community Engineering. 


Future plans include posts from @akent99, our Chief Architect, and others from our engineering team, Expert Consulting Group, and likely from the community as well (the vetting process here is still tbd).

Magento Master

I'm excited with this blog Ben, great expectative! Smiley LOL

M2 Certified

Hi @sherrie and @Ben Marks


Really great news to see a dedicated space for technical tutorials and how-tos from Magento channel. Will there be some overlap with DevDocs let's say How-To articles?




Community Manager

Hi @Max Pronko, you might end up seeing some overlap. The idea is to dig into topics here that you might not have access to otherwise and keep everyone better informed from a technical perspective.


This is great news, I'm eager to see Magento 2 theme development and Magento 2 extension development series from Magento dev blog.