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MA Board Meeting Recap- October 13, 2022

Senior Member

Last Thursday, we had our most recent Magento Association board meeting. We had a great showing of all the directors spanning the globe. It is always tough to find a suitable time across the globe to meet. I appreciate all my fellow board members finding time in their schedule to accommodate the timing.  For me it was early in the morning, so I made sure I had my coffee in hand before logging in.


We discussed the upcoming Magento Association Town Hall on October 27. It will be a great virtual event with updates on some of the initiatives the Magento Association is working on, along with updates from the sub-committees.


One of the main agenda items was the Community Prioritization model for Magento Open Source that I announced at Meet Magento NYC. While we are all excited about this initiative, there are a lot of details to figure out to operationalize this in the right way in the following weeks. In order to make this happen, the Magento Association board will put together guidelines for a small community council that will work with Adobe to ensure the right prioritized items are being worked on.  This group will also help in providing feedback on prioritized items, via comments in GitHub.  Stanislav Idolov (who manages our Magento Open Source release process at Adobe and is a Magento Association board liaison) and I will work together to prepare the infrastructure and processes by which the community votes.  The Magento Association board and Adobe will work together to create awareness of this initiative throughout the community.


I am so excited that we will be able to focus available resources towards helping prioritize the most critical issues for the community. We can only do this with everyone’s participation and involvement. Stay tuned for details on how you can get involved with the Community Prioritization model in another blog post.


As always, feel free to reach out to me at for questions regarding anything related to the Magento Association board meeting, or other feedback regarding the Magento community.