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MSI 1.1.0 available for Magento 2.3

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Multi Source Inventory (MSI) has a new release for additional features, increased support, and enhanced performance for Inventory Management. The new release MSI 1.1.0 is live as of February 12, 2019, for Magento 2.3 – Open Source, Commerce, and Commerce Cloud. It is also the default release for all new 2.3 installs and upgrades.


The key features for this release include:


  • The Distance Priority Algorithm is a new, out-of-the-box Source Selection Algorithm (SSA) for distance-based shipping recommendations
  • ElasticSearch support for Single and Multi Source modes. This release provides full ElasticSearch support for implementations using default and custom stocks and sources.
  • Resolved performance issues with Default Stock to drastically increase performance with numerous operations and Single Source mode.
  • Enhanced performance for Transfer Inventory to Source, Storefront Category pages, and Salable Quantity calculations.


Distance Priority Algorithm


This algorithm helps merchants reduce costs by finding the closest shipping source to their customers. Using GPS coordinates and addresses, Distance Priority compares the location of the shipping destination address with source locations to determine the closest source to fulfill shipments. The distance may be determined by either physical distance or the time spent traveling from one location to another, using imported geocode location data or Google directions (driving, walking, or bicycling).


Select and configure how you want to calculate distances: Google Maps or Offline Calculation:






Google MAP: Uses Google Maps Platform services to calculate the distance and time between the shipping destination address and source locations. This option uses the source's Latitude and Longitude (GPS coordinates) and may use the street address depending on the computation mode. This option uses the source's Latitude and Longitude. You must provide a Google API key with Geocoding API and Distance Matrix API enabled, and may incur charges through Google.


Offline Calculation: Calculates the distance using downloaded and imported geocode data from to determine the closest source to the shipping destination address. This option uses zip/post codes and GPS coordinates to calculate distances.


When you run the SSA for shipments, you can select the Distance Priority algorithm. The closest source to the shipping destination address is recommended for source fulfillment.


Note: If routes and data do not return for the selected Computation mode (driving, bicycling, or walking) for a shipment, the SSA defaults to using the Source Priority.






More information!


Learn more about MSI and Inventory Management in our documentation:



To join the MSI project, see our GitHub repo, Wiki, and join is in #MSI Slack (self signup).