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Magento 2 Technical Guidelines

Adobe Team

Today we published version 1 of our technical guidelines. This document contains a list of simple coding and application design truths that all Magento 2 developer team members agree to. It describes the desired state of the Magento 2 codebase.


The document is used by core developers as a reference during code reviews. Some rules have corresponding code checks in Magento static tests.


Please note, that not all Magento 2 code adheres to these rules. Different rules were established at different points in time, and older code does not (yet) follow the newer rules. However, we require all new code to be written with all current rules and best practices in mind.


By publishing these guidelines, we are sharing our vision of good code and application design with you. Understanding this vision will help community developers to better understand the changes we make in the code, and how Magento will evolve.


We encourage community developers to follow these guidelines to write better code that make development with Magento more convenient.


More guidelines will be published incrementally. We will announce any significant improvements to the guidelines here on the developer blog, otherwise feel free to check back periodically for additional content.