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Magento Community Speaker Diversity Workshop - May 20 and 27, 2021

Community Manager

Spring is in full swing and Adobe is continuing to grow our Magento community towards our shared goal of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Though this year has seen many people face different and difficult challenges, we are thankful to everyone for being dedicated to supporting diversity across our broad Magento community.


We saw this dedication reflected in the turnout for our "Creating A Welcoming And Diverse Magento Event" online workshop for Magento community event organizers to learn how to create a welcoming and diverse Magento event. Led by Jill Binder of Diverse In Tech, the session’s goal was to help Magento Meetup and conference organizers foster, promote, and support diversity.


The "Creating A Welcoming And Diverse Magento Event" online workshop was a hit, with 31 attendees from 18 cities in 11 countries learning skills to create inclusive and welcoming spaces in their local community. We are truly making a global impact and couldn't do it without your time and hard work.


Here are some testimonials from participants of the workshop:


“As an organizer of a large event, we're overwhelmed with many challenges and often overlook diversity.  But building a diverse and inclusive event is at the core of what makes an event extraordinary. Jill's workshop helped me understand these benefits while also providing simple concepts that are easy to comprehend and implement step by step.”
Eric Hileman, CEO MageMojo, New York, New York


“I felt confident in promoting inclusivity and diversity at events before the workshop, now I realise I was missing lots and have learnt a great many things that I will use in the future. I can highly recommend this workshop to anyone not only organizing Magento events, but also small events in your organization. It is invaluable!”

Sharon Lambert, Partner Enablement Manager, Dublin, Ireland


“This workshop gave me a lot of inspiring ideas to put in place!”

Alessandro Ronchi, Magento specialist, Italy


The workshop is the latest in our series of Magento speaker diversity initiatives that have helped members of our community achieve their public speaking goals and beyond. We're proud that participants of our Magento Community Speaker Workshop and Magento Community Diverse Speaker Workshop in 2019 and 2020 respectively have gone on to speak at in-person events. These include Meet Magento New York, MageUnconference, SEOBenelux, and Women In Tech.


And our work is not yet done. We are bringing back the popular Magento Community Speaker Workshop on May 20 and 27, 2021 so that everyone across the global Magento community, no matter your current experience in public speaking, can own your expertise and generate Magento-related topics on which to give a talk.  Please note that this is for the whole community, not just the underrepresented members.


May 20 and May 27, 2021 from 5 to 7:30 p.m. UTC (10 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. PT): Magento Community Speaker Workshop Part 1 and 2

Does the thought of speaking at a Magento community event intrigue you? The focus of this hands-on, online workshop will be to generate Magento-related topics to give a talk on, boost your speaking confidence, and allow you to practice speaking in a safe space. At the end of the workshop you will have a few ideas for talks, an outline on one topic, a title, a pitch/proposal for applying to events, a bio, and a chance to practice speaking.


***You do NOT have to have any experience in public speaking. This workshop is for all levels of experience.


This one workshop will be two 2.5 hour sessions, each a week apart.


Part 1: Thursday, May 20 (5-7:30pm UTC / 10:30pm - 1am IT / 1-3pm ET / 10am-12:30pm PT):


  • Why speak at Magento community events?
  • Dispelling some myths about speakers/speaking
  • Coming up with topics and choosing one
  • Writing a meetup description or conference pitch
  • Practice speaking in front of a group


Part 2: Thursday, May 27 (5-7:30pm UTC / 10:30pm - 1am IT / 1-3pm ET / 10am-12:30pm PT):


(Prerequisite: Part 1 on May 20)


  • Coming up with a great title
  • Writing your bio
  • Writing the outline
  • Practice giving a short talk


This will be a hands-on, interactive experience over Zoom. Please come ready to meet people and participate! You will receive the slides in advance. And for those who benefit from closed captions, we will also have the full workshop script available to read along.


Sign up here:


The Magento community needs your voice to grow as different experiences and perspectives will lead to better outcomes.


And we have more workshops happening soon. Please stay tuned for another training happening in September 2021.


Thank you for being part of the Magento community and for bringing your talents and drive to our workshops and events.