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Magento Connect is Moving to Marketplace!

Adobe Team

We built Marketplace to deliver better experiences for our merchants, partners, and developers. Only select extensions that have been carefully vetted are available, and this helps us ensure that Marketplace represents the best that our community has to offer. It’s been just over a year since we launched Marketplace, and it now has over 1,500 extensions, posted by 450 developers and partners, with over 100K transactions to date.


With continued growth and adoption of Marketplace, we are closing Connect, the former listing site for Magento extensions, on September 15, 2017. Going forward, all web traffic to Connect will be redirected to Marketplace. We’d like to encourage you to move your extensions and themes to Marketplace.


To submit your extensions and themes to Marketplace, please start by reading the User Guide to understand the various submission review phases, and how they’re different from Connect. These phases are:


  • Business – ensures that each extension solves a business problem and delivers rich and unique functionality.
  • Technical – examines code to detect the presence of viruses, malware, and any indication of plagiarism.
  • Marketing – reviews all marketing descriptions against our style guidelines to make sure that content is in line with Magento branding guidelines.

Please keep the following important steps in mind during your Marketplace submission:

  1. Start the process by logging into, agreeing to the Marketplace Terms of Service, and completing a company or individual profile.
    • Use the same Magento account as used on Connect.
    • The ‘Vendor Name’ field must be lowercase and without spaces.
    • A valid PayPal account is required.
    • Respond to the email request for tax information (required to complete your submission).
    • Review emails from and about the status of your submission.

  2. Magento Commerce 1 and Magento Commerce 2 extensions and themes need to be submitted using the same process with some differences:

  3. Magento Commerce 1 reviews can be migrated from Connect to Marketplace for extensions and themes with more than 10 reviews. Contact with requests.

  4. If your Magento Commerce 2 extension has shared packages you must wait until they are approved before uploading your modules.

  5. Test every extension with our GitHub EQP Tool before submitting.

  6. Make sure you correctly flag your extension as an integration.
    • An extension IS an integration if it requires another account or subscription be set up and paid for outside of the Marketplace.
    • An extension is NOT an integration if it works and functions on its own without a merchant having to sign up and have an account with another platform or service.


For questions please contact 

Senior Member

I'm sure that many usefull extensions will not get migrated to the Marketplace due reasons like "don't have time to migrate" or "MTeam needs to much time for approval". It makes me angry to see Magentoconnect get closed. Why don't you just let Magentoconnect live for a while as an archive which can be hidden for search engines? Currently the Marketplace has a small amount of M1 extensions and it will not get rise much higher until Sept. 15. or even this year.

Senior Member

This seems problematic in a couple of ways. As metzler points out, it is unlikely that a lot of extensions will be moved, particularly as the deprecation period is so small. Indeed, I hadn't heard of Magento Marketplace before seeing this post through RSS.

I might suggest the following changes:

- Instead of redirecting traffic, display a notice, and extend the deprecation period. Similar EOL periods are anything from 6 - 9 months. Allow downloads.
- Disallow uploads of new packages or changes after the September 17 update.
Additionally, I might presume that there is no way for a provider to point their old connect listing to their new marketplace listing; this thusly creates problems with links that appear in other content (blog posts, etc). A way to fix this might be implemented.


Lastly, this creates a "landrush" opportunity in which providers might game the marketplace, uploading their listing with similar appearance to the previous connect listings, and "steal" users.

I might have this wrong, and have this missed the news. Buut this is my current understanding.

Occasional Contributor

RIP connect Smiley Sad

Senior Member

@andrewhowdencomConnect isn't my area, so please take all the following with a pinch of salt: but I checked back over the emails I've recieved, and I think your estimate of 6-9 months for EoL is spot-on! Smiley Happy


As I understand it, sign-up for automated migration of M1 extensions to Marketplace started over a year ago, around July 2016; the process took some months due to manual checks of each extension, and was performed in increasingly large waves as the EQP system was refined.


New submissions to Connect were halted 9 months later, in March 2017, but legacy extensions still on Connect could still be updated with urgent security patches, etc.


So, it looks like there's been a staggered EoL: September 2017 will be ~15 months since first migrations, and 6-7 months since the last submissions to Connect were accepted, which I reckon compares fairly well with your EoL estimate.


I suspect the reason it might seem abrupt, seeing what is effectively the "last orders!" call here, is that previous notices were probably aimed at developers with extensions on Connect, via direct email, mailing lists, popup notifications through the Connect admin portal, handouts, presentations at conferences, etc. Outside of those channels, this post is probably one of the first times news about this has been published to the community in general.

Frequent Visitor

is there any way that the free extentions and themes could be uploaded to github for example as the marketplace seems starved of extentions and themes and to the ed user there appeared to be no time at all to download,and evaluate, or even be inspired by the catalogue that was on offer in connect, it is a shame to habe lost such a good resource which i was only just starting to use, unfortunaely this has now in my books dropped magento into the realms of serious developers only. One of the reasons i was wanting to use it in the first place was that there was a large community behind it with lots of choice and niche solutions for obscure situations, I was evaluating the community edition before committing to any investment, which is I would beleive a standard practice for business and this will go a long way towards any decisions being made great 1500+ mostly useless or very costly extentions, thanks for all the time i wasted on this, 1 months notice for users (yes not developers) about the drop in support, where does your revenue come from, users of developers who sell their products on the back of yours? and if the answer is the developers selling then what happens when your userbase drops through the floor, who remains to buy this from those developers who are providing your revenue stream?


So what are we supposed to do now that everytime I go to Magento Connect Manager (Magento Downloader) and select Check for Upgrades and nothing shows up any more? When I know there are upgrades! Just pisses me off. I just found out about this as Magento 1 gave me a notice that I should upgrade M2ePro to v6.4.13 and I went to Magento Connect Manager and selected Check for Upgrades and nothing shows up! I was like what is going on and I also realized that I havent got a notice for an upgrade in some time as I check regularly to make sure I am up to date for security reasons etc. So now I find out things changed the hard way, after the fact. I never got any notice in the backend or in an email or anything. So I try to find Magento Connect on the web and it seems to be gone? Instead I find this post.

Adobe Team

@nohart Please contact for support.


Ok I tried to contact them as you suggested and no one replied. Here is what I asked them - (below is an example of an extension I currently have installed)


Ok so I have in the old style (Magento Connect)- 

~Delete Orders~ this extansion is currently installed and I see that they have converted it to the Magento Marketplace here 

How do I update it? The one I have is version 1.1.0 and so is the one that has been converted. So I guess it's not really an upgrade or update. But either way I don't have any notice in Magento Connect Manager for updating to the new Magento Marketplace nor do I get any notice(s) for any extensions that have upgrades like I found for FishPig Wordpress extension and the M2ePro extension. But there is nothing that says something like  - Convert to Marketplace Extension. And there are no longer any notices of updates or upgrades anymore even though there are in some cases.
I am a small business and I dont have tons of resources and manpower to throw around. This is what it's like for us when Magento makes changes like this and they just leave the small guy out here to spin in the wind and figure things out on their own.