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Migrating the Magento Community Portal to the Adobe Developer ecosystem

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As a part of the integration with the Adobe developer ecosystem, we moved the Magento Community Portal content to the Adobe Developer Website so that a broader audience can access it. 

The new Magento Open Source site is  


What can you find there? 


Magento Open Source projects 

This is the new Magento Open Source landing page where you can explore all active projects including, but not limited to, extensions, documentation, standards, tooling, and more. Choose a project of your liking! 

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Contribution statistics


We designed new dashboards to recognize community members and partner teams. Your contribution efforts will never go unnoticed! See this blog post to learn more. 

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Community Calendar 


Want to actively participate in Magento Open Source live? Use the community calendar to find future events and recordings of past events. 

An essential part of these events are the Community Engineering Hangouts, which are public events aimed at: 

  • sharing the latest platform updates 
  • gathering feedback 
  • spreading technical knowledge 
  • and lots more. 

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Magento Open Source Community 


Want to join the Magento Open Source Community? Simply join the Slack workspace and start a conversation. There are lots of Slack channels to choose from! 

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