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New Compatibility Options for the Magento Marketplace Extension Quality Program on 9/5/19

Senior Member

On 9/5/19, you will be able to select if your submission is compatible with Magento Commerce Cloud or Page Builder and once approved, those options will show up in the product details on Magento Marketplace. 


In order to ensure clarity for submission testing and potential customers, we will be changing the wording for ‘Magento Commerce (EE)’ to ‘Magento Commerce using on-prem (EE)’.  Cloud will be called ‘Magento Commerce on Cloud (ECE)’.

We will also update Magento Marketplace to use these names as well as changing ‘Community’ edition to ‘Open Source (CE)’.


Developer Portal

Magento Commerce on Cloud and Page Builder options have been added to the Technical submission page under ‘Magento Compatibility’ and a new section, ‘Compatibility’, respectively.  Page Builder will become active when selecting version 2.3 (or greater) and one of the Magento Commerce options (on-prem or cloud).

Magento Commerce on Cloud will also have options for product pricing, Installation pricing and Support tiers on the Marketing submission pages.



When compatibility for Magento Commerce on Cloud is selected, it will be tested in a cloud environment during manual QA. 

When compatibility with Page Builder is selected, there is an additional static test as well as Page Builder specific manual QA review steps performed. 


Pre-Submission guidance:

As always, we strongly encourage you to thoroughly test your code before submitting to the Extension Quality Program.  Doing so will reduce review times and the potential for re-submissions.  For these new compatibility options, here is our guidance for pre-submission testing.

Cloud – Be sure to sign up for a cloud dev license and sandbox if you haven’t already and test your code in the cloud environment.

Page Builder – Review the Page Builder documentation on devdocs and follow the guidance provided.  We will be posting the manual QA tests the team will perform when Page Builder is selected.  Once available, we will share the link.


Magento Marketplace

Once your submission has been approved, we want potential customers to know this new compatibility is available! This will be exposed on the product details page as well as in the search facets so they can easily find which products are compatible with Magento Commerce on Cloud and/or Page Builder.

On the product details page, Magento Commerce on Cloud will show up in the edition and support drop down boxes as well as the ‘Compatibility’ section.  Page Builder will be listed under ‘Compatible’ section and you will see a ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘N/A’ next to it. 

  • Yes – Page Builder is supported and validated
  • No – Page Builder is not supported
  • N/A - The extension or theme was posted prior to us adding the option for Page Builder