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New Magento Releases and Security Updates Coming June 25, 2019

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On June 25, Magento plans to release Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.3.2 including security updates and performance enhancements. We also plan to release updates for Magento  1, 2.1, and 2.2  on the same day. These releases include important security enhancements, and it is recommended to prepare to update your Magento versions promptly in order to remain compliant and maintain the highest level of security.  


Security Improvements and Support


With this release, Magento fully leverages Adobe’s sophisticated security tools to analyze, investigate, and improve security. Magento has also harnessed the expanded reach of the Adobe Hacker One bug bounty program to improve our preventive security.


Planned Releases 


Magento is dedicated to providing as many security fixes and updates as quickly as possible to support all merchants, across all supported Magento versions and editions. We plan to release updates, release notes, and documentation for the following Magento versions on the same day:   



We encourage merchants and partners to consider upgrading to 2.3.2 to take advantage of new features and security updates. To learn more, see Upcoming releases information and Tech Resources


Additional Information 


Please keep watching for details and check our Security Center for the latest best practices and security notices for your Magento implementations. For additional information, see DevDocs and our Tech Resources sites.  


Want to connect? Find us on Twitter @Magento and @MagentoCommunityEngineering. To receive notifications about this and future updates, join us in the Magento Community Engineering Slack.  


If you are interested in joining Slack, send a request to or self signup. For a list of channels, see this list.

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