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Partners Contribution Rewards Q3 2018 Rankings Announced

New Contributor



With the third quarter of 2018 completed, it’s time to review contribution results and achievements by each of the Solution Partner teams participating in the Magento Partners Contribution Reward Program. We had a busy summer and many contribution days hosted around the globe.


Our top contributors are tracked through the Magento Contributors site year-round. See the leader board for our contributing Magento Partners for Q3.


Contribution Highlights


This quarter has seen a tremendous amount of support from the Community and Partners. We have a collection of highlights for special projects and core contributions.



First Place: Atwix

Points: 1602 | PRs created 114 and accepted 116 | Contributors: 9


A continued leader, Atwix  is an e-commerce agency focusing on B2C and B2B end-to-end implementations, assisting in strategic planning, design, website development, and post-launch maintenance. Atwix is a long-time Magento Solution Partner and one of the first Magento 2 Trained Partners in the world, having offices in Austria, Slovakia and Ukraine. Atwix’s team of seasoned and committed professionals helps its clients achieve top results in every aspect of their online businesses.


Contributors: Vovsky, Vitalii Boiko (@VitaliyBoyko), Yaroslav Rogoza(@rogyar), Roman Glushko (@roma-glushko), Eduard Chitoraga (@eduard13), Dmytro Cheshun (@dmytro-ch), Burlacu Vasilii (@vasilii-b), Zebra (@furseyev), yuriyDne


Currently Atwix is one of the top performers on the track with 2 developers working full time. They have produced numerous Pull Requests, including 19 recently created PRs, some of which have already been merged.


Developers include Yaroslav Rogoza(@rogyar), Roman Glushko (@roma-glushko), and Vitalii Boiko (@VitaliyBoyko). Some examples of their work:


  • CMS Page and CMS Block coverage: Developers can query GraphQL for CMS and Page content and get back all necessary data to render the page on storefront or in 3rd party applications.
    Feature: Shopping cart mutations (Empty cart creating, Add simple product to Cart, Coupons)
  • Implemented mutation for empty cart creation by the guest/customer user: Both guest and registered shoppers can add simple products to cart. GraphQL provides a mutation through which the coupons can be added/removed on a shopper's cart in checkout.
    Feature: Extending GraphQL store config


For PWA frontend implementation, Atwix developed a way to extend a list of parameters required to receive settings from Magento Configuration. The feature is Extending Image info in Product data.


Multi Source Inventory
Vitalii Boiko (@VitaliyBoyko) helped the Multi Source Inventory (MSI) project resolve blocker issues which prevented us from starting the first cycle of MSI MLS2 regression testing. He currently supports MSI regression testing for the 2.3.0 Beta cycle, fixing issues found in the scope of MSI regression. For a list of his work, see this MSI list.



Second Place: Krish TechnoLabs

Points: 771 | PRs created 306 and accepted 187 | Contributors: 7


Krish is a full-service Digital Commerce Agency specializing in Magento consulting, design and development, implementation, and optimization to provide personalized business solutions.  For over 14 years, they have provided solutions for more than 3,000 clients and 300 Magento projects. A passionate company committed to curated experiences and custom development, this team includes eCommerce Consultants, 74 Magento Certified Developers, UI / UX Experts, Technical Analysts, Marketing and Technology experts.


Contributors: Pratik Oza (@mage2pratik), Prince Patel (@mageprince), Ronak Patel (@ronak2ram), Jaimin Sutariya (@jaimin-ktpl), vaibahahalpara, Prakash, Mayur Rathod (@Mayur1510)


Core development and porting PRs
Contributors submitted PRs and up and back ported numerous PRs to the Magento2 repository.


Contributors helped review and provide editorial submissions to update various areas of the DevDocs.




Points: 350 | PRs created 15 and accepted 14 | Contributors: 1


Interactiv4 is a full-service digital agency that has been developing eCommerce projects for over 10 years. Interactiv4 offers a suite of services, including Magento design and development, custom integrations, marketing and content strategy, CRM training, and technical maintenance. Interactiv4 brings an international approach and resources to the Magento space to help businesses meet and exceed their goals with their websites, while thinking outside the box about how eCommerce can be the most powerful tool.


Contributors: Oscar Recio (@osrecio), Adrian Martinez (@adrian-martinez-interactiv4)


Core development and porting PRs
Contributors submitted PRs and up and back ported numerous PRs to the Magento2 repository.


Contributors helped review, maintain, and provide submissions to update various areas of the DevDocs.




Points: 350 | PRs created 15 and accepted 14 | Contributors: 1


MageSpecialist is a Magento Professional Solution Partner and Magento 2 Trained Partner. It is a dynamic and result-oriented web agency and software house, dedicated to the development of robust, reliable and scalable e-commerce solutions based on Magento and other open-source software. The agency specializes in complex software integration, high-performance hosting, and the management of mission critical projects.


During the last quarter, Riccardo Tempesta (@RicTempesta) (AKA TheRick) from MageSpecialist contributed to many projects and releases for security, Multi Source Inventory (MSI) and others.


Security Suite was released and now available from Magento 2.1, 2.2 and will be part of upcoming 2.3.0 release (installed as Core Bundled Extensions). This suite includes extensions for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Google reCAPTCHA support. 


Multi Source Inventory
Riccardo also provided valuable contributions to MSI Milestone 2 release preparation and launch of the regression testing. One of the highlighted features sets include Mass Actions Tools. These improvements allow merchants to migrate and assign stock for existing and new products. Migration may affect numerous Stock Items and lead to performance degradation. To alleviate potential performance issues, MSI leverages Asynchronous Bulk APIs (developed as another Community Engineering project) to perform asynchronous executions for long-running business operations, while not affecting usability for the Magento Admin user who initiated launch of the operation. Riccardo submitted this corresponding pull request and presented the features in this MSI weekly demo.


The tools include Assign sources (bulk assign sources to selected products), Unassign Sources (bulk remove sources from selected products), and Transfer Inventory to Source (move 100% of product quantities from one source to another).


Riccardo also resolved blocker issues which prevented the team from starting the first cycle of MSI MLS2 regression testing.




Points: 225 | PRs created 13 and accepted 16 | Contributors: 3


Comwrap is a leading integrator for enterprise content management and e-commerce for PIM / MDM systems in the open source environment. They specialize in scalable and secure solutions for business-critical applications of international companies. They have a headquarters in Frankfurt and offices in Zurich and Osijek, they have a range of enterprise, international customers.


Aync and Bulk API 
Solution partners Comwrap and Balance Internet made tremendous efforts to implement Asynchronous and Bulk API which will be released with 2.3.0 and have already been backported to 2.2.


Lyzun Oleksandr (@nuzul) has stepped up into a community maintainer role and has become a driving force on the Async and Bulk API project. He aids in running meetings, grooming issues, providing status updates, and contributing as a maintainer and contributor.


Contributors also worked on Newsletter configurations. They implemented options for a logged-in shopper to change their newsletter subscription preference through the My Account page.




Veriteworks worked on adapting Magento for the Japanese market in the Localization project. Hirokazu Nishi planned and drove improvements and translations to Magento Open Source to increase customizability and extension points that will simplify work with Magento in many other countries.


Additional Project Mentions


A mix of companies have contributed to the Payment Improvements project including Basecom and Bold.


Lars Rottig (@larsroettig) from TechDivision and Torben Hohn (@torhoehn)  from Basecom made initial research and started implementation for the Payment Request API integration project. This project is actively seeking additional contributors.


Bartlomiej (@bartekszymanski) from Bold developed Covered Product stock data. This capability enables merchants to create and access relevant stock data with products in one query to render related data efficiently and correctly on storefront.


And for GraphQL, Arturo Iglesias (@Arturol) and Pablo Fantini (@pfantini) from Weidenhammer contributed to the project. They completed work for Retrieve Customer token by creating a new mutation to retrieve customer token by email and password. They also helped with UrlRewrite improvements.


Updates on Contribution Guidelines


In an effort to streamline, maintain a backlog, and focus development, we will accept Pull Requests per the following guidelines as of September 17, 2018:


  • 1 End of Contribution:We no longer accept contributions to the v2.1 release line. Continue submitting contributions for the v2.2 and v2.3 release lines. We made this change to increase our focus on issue investigations and pull request approvals for v2.2 and v2.3 release lines.
  • 2 Contribution Notice:In an effort to keep 2.2 and 2.3 releases aligned, we will only accept pull requests to 2.2-develop that contain changes already existing in 2.3-develop. We recommend submitting pull requests to 2.3-develop then back porting the changes to 2.2-develop.
  • 3 Contribution Notice:In an effort to keep 2.2 and 2.3 releases aligned, we accept pull requests to 2.3-develop and encourage back ports to 2.2-develop. We no longer accept pull requests to the v2.1 or v2.0 release lines to focus all development efforts on v2.3 and v2.2.


We have also posted a process for GitHub Issues Processing Workflow and updated all labels and rewards in the Contributor Guide. Partners receive 3 points for each issue validated by their contributors.


Join the Solution Partner Program


Every active Solution Partner that is willing to collaborate is eligible to join Partner Contribution Rewards Program. Please contact, and we will happily guide you through the process. 


To connect with Magento and the Community, join us on the Magento Community Engineering Slack. If you are interested in joining Slack, or a specific channel, send us request at or self signup.


Ready to contribute? We recommend reading over the Contributor’s Guide and Coding Standards on Magento DevDocs. The guide includes code guidelines, accepted pull requests per release line, GitHub labels, porting information, and much more.