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Partners Contribution Rewards Q3 2020 Rankings Announced

Adobe Team

Contribution Highlights 


Summer is the time of vacations, spending more time outsideenjoying the sun, weather and nature. This time of the year brings renewed energy and inspiration to everybody, including the Magento Community! We would like to say a huge thank you to every contributor for delivering their much-appreciated improvements to the framework! Here are the highlights for the most active Magento contribution partners during the last quarter. 




1st place: Atwix  

Points: 6092 | PRs accepted:102 | PRs reviewed:260 


A continued leader, Atwix is an e-commerce agency focusing on B2C and B2B end-to-end implementations, assisting in strategic planning, design, website development, and post-launch maintenance. Atwix is a long-time Magento Solution Partner and one of the first Magento 2 Trained Partners in the world, with offices in Austria, Slovakia, USA, and Ukraine. Atwix’s team of seasoned and committed professionals helps its clients achieve top results in every aspect of their online businesses.  


  • With all the experience of continuous community contributions leadership, Atwix’s team reviewed and approved 260 pull requests; ensuring high-quality delivery. 
  • Special thank you to Vitaliy Boyko and the Magento PHPStorm Plugin project team for their dedicated work towards improving the Magento development experience. 
  • Atwix continues to play a significant role in the GraphQL project, which includes bothdesigning its architectural and extending its coverage. 
  • Finally, the team also keeps the documentation up to date with continuous contributions to the Magento DevDocsproject.




2nd  place: Vaimo 

Points: 1771 | PRs accepted: 31 | PRs reviewed: 90 


Vaimo is one of the world’s most respected experts in digital commerce on the Magento and Adobe Commerce Cloud platforms. As a full-service omnichannel agency, they deliver strategy, design, development, and managed services to brands, retailers, and manufacturers all over the world. Their sharp focus, broad experience, and deep expertise within B2B, B2C, PIM, Order Management, and ERP integrations make them a key partner for driving success in digital commerce.  


  • Vaimo’s team have applied their expertise to review and approve 90 community pull requests. 
  • Vaimo’s team tripled their community contributions last quarter and is now the 2nd most active contributor to Magento! 
  • Vaimo is a leader of contributions to the Magento DevDocsproject last quarter! We are grateful for these efforts to make the development and work with Magento even more clear and simple. 




3rd  place:  Blue Acorn iCi 

Points: 931 | PRs accepted: 21 | PRs reviewed: 65 


Blue AcorniCi is the digital consumer experience company pioneering the convergence of analytics, ecommerce, content management, and full-service commerce offerings. The company uses integrated capabilities and the unparalleled expertise of their engineers, data scientists, and retail experts to expand and accelerate  the  business for each of their customers.  


  • 65 PRs were reviewed and approved by maintainers from Blue Acorn iCi.  
  • Blue Acorn iCi is leading this quarter on the delivered solutions for the highest priority issues! 



4th place:  comwrap GmbH 

Points: 734 | PRs accepted: 21 | PRs reviewed: 23 


With best-of-breed strategy in marketing and technologycomwrap relies on proven market-leading software ecosystems and implements customers' requirements, based on best practices and utilizing integration building blocks and blueprints. 


  • comwrap’s team delivered 21 pull requests and reviewed and approved 23 pull requests in the past quarter. 
  • The team also made a valuable contribution to the Magento DevDocsproject! 




5th  place:  Krish TechnoLabs 

Points: 469 | PRs accepted: 1 | Issues verified: 108 


Established in 2003, Krish TechnoLabs is the leading digital commerce agency that excels in working with clients to create successful and profitable B2C and B2B based digital commerce solutions. 


Krish TechnoLabs team is a leader of QA contribution with the 108 issues assessed during the past quarter. This activity is the very beginning of the contribution process and is essential to further work on our community backlogs with confidence and accuracy. 



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