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Upgrade your Extensions and Themes to support Magento 2.2

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 The Magento 2.2 launch is quickly approaching and that means that Magento Marketplace’s Extension Quality Program (EQP) will soon start accepting extensions and themes compatible with Magento 2.2, even before the product officially launches. 


Starting August 14th, we encourage developers to submit packages which have been tested with Release Candidate 2 (RC2) or later releases. To ensure fast approval and listing on Marketplace in time for the launch of Magento 2.2, we recommend you only update the composer.json and module.xml files before verifying your code works as designed. If it does, submit to Marketplace EQP (link below) and we’ll expedite our review process (estimated 7 business day turnaround).


Note: If code changes are necessary due to backward incompatibility issues (see details below) or to add net new functionality, the submission will go through the standard review process and timeline.


Next steps



Aug 14

  • Download Release Candidate 2 (RC2)
    • Review your extension’s compatibility and verify your code still functions as designed with both functional and automated testing
  • Submit to Marketplace EQP
    • Take advantage of our expedited review process until Magento 2.2 launch


Please email with any questions or feedback.

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First make the 2.2 modules available via composer, then we can update extensions...

Regular Contributor

Hi @bambamboole, the 2.2 modules is planned to be made available via composer as a part of RC2 onwards. (In one sense, that is almost the definition of RC2.) The RC1.* releases have only been on GitHub. If you want to start planning now, you can look at the GitHub repo and docs - otherwise wait until August 14th for RC2 composer repo access. (Being in software for a while, I would add an unofficial comment of don't be shocked if something goes wrong and this slips a little, but things are looking on track from what I can see.)


As background, we have been trying to get the code out as early as possible for those who want to start early, but there is nothing wrong starting from RC2 onwards. It will be more stable than RC1 (more bugs fixed) as we go through our own regression processes. But if you want maximal runway, all the code is available today (just not as convenient as when we hit RC2 with Composer downloads). Otherwise, wait for RC2 when the code will be available via Composer.


And yes, we are encouraging people to start early because that will give us more time to address any issues reported back to us. We want to get the release out, but are doing what we can to make the code available to extension developers with as much notice as possible.