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Vote for a new set of PRs for Magento Open Source by April 20

Senior Member

I’ve gotten some questions regarding the Community Prioritization Process.  It dawned on me that this might be a good chance to provide a reminder of what it is, what the goals are, and how each of you can contribute.


Back in October of last year, we formally kicked off this process.  In conjunction with the Magento Association, the goals of this initiative were to make sure we were prioritizing the most important needs of the community and increase velocity of these changes into the code base.  We also wanted to create a transparent communication channel so we could all see the progress being made.


Therefore, we operationalized a prioritization process where we could leverage the voice of the community to help Adobe rank the issues that are the most pressing to the community.  This was born from the feedback we heard that Adobe might be prioritizing PRs that might not be the most valuable to the global community.  Good point!  Why have one voice when we can have many voices determine the future of the code base that we all use?


In a previous post, I outlined the steps that we can all take to vote in Github using the thumbs up reaction.  In short, all you need to do is go to and login.  You’ll see a board of all the pull requests available to be merged.  Upvote the ones you want by hitting the thumbs up reaction.  That’s it! It’s as simple as that!



If you haven’t voted, please do.  Tell your friends.  We will be picking the next set of top requests based on voting next Thursday, April 20.  Make sure you get your votes in before then.


In addition, to make this process move smoothly, we had previously announced a small governance group called the Community Council.  This council will be a cross section of our community, that will help

  • Recruit community maintainers
  • Work with Adobe to identify PRs that should be prioritized and worked on
  • Keep the integrity and architectural stability of the Magento open source code base intact

If this sounds interesting, email

to express your interest and find out more.  This is a great way to really put your stamp on shaping what the open source code base will be in the future.  We need your help!


Even though this process was recently launched and we’re still spreading the word, there is success we can all be proud of.  In an effort to be transparent about the effort and velocity of PRs getting merged into the code base, our very own Parul has been keeping us all informed about the progress being made.  Check this out:


Since we started working on PRs in November, we have over 30 issues that are merged, ready to be merged, or in testing on the Adobe side in just a few short months based on community input!  All of these are going to be available in the latest 2.4.7 beta 1 release in June.  We will continue to release more in subsequent releases giving the community access to the latest and greatest work you all are doing.


Thank you all for working with Adobe to continue bringing positive additions to the Magento Open Source code base.  I love this collaboration between Adobe, the Magento Association, and the global community.  I’m excited to see how much more we can increase our velocity together!