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Deploy and automation strategies

Deploy and automation strategies

In the middle of different hosts providers and projects scopes, we all have different approaches to keep deploy fast, secure and stable using different strategies and tools. We could have a brainstorming involving these questions below to share what we've been doing that works for us, also discuss our insights of concept and improvements to be implemented.


- Are you running CI / CD?
- Are you doing some step manually?
- Which tools we could use to automate the deploy?
- What security preventions we can we do?
- What are your performance goals and how to improve it?
- What are the differences between your deploy for Production and UAT?
- Different approaches between the automation around extension, theme, and store.
- Different host impacts

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M2 Certified

For more than 2 years I am involved in building a DevOps process and culture around Magento2 in our company. We automated most of the work, mainly with Jenkins and Ansible. We host most of the shops on AWS, but other solutions are also supported. Our development environment is set nearly the same way as the production one and is based on VMs (Vagrant) but can be also external (over the network) without any impact on the developer.

If my experience could be anyhow useful for the discussion - let me know.


Over time we managed to handle both high numbers of products (2M+) and peak traffic (Official Shop for Soccer World Cup in France) with a reasonable performance.


Yes, I am willing to share everything including all the automation scripts.