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Using Functional Programming concepts as a Magento developer

Using Functional Programming concepts as a Magento developer

Over the last 10 years functional programming has become very popular and mainstream.

Many of it's ideas are influencing developers in other programming paradigms like object oriented programming.

I would like to have a discussion sharing experiences with FP in the context of Magento and gather ideas how we can apply some of the concepts that have lead to the rise of FP in PHP and JavaScript.

It would also be interesting to hear how participants have been introduced into FP when coming from OOP, or if maybe they actually started out with FP and then became OOP developers.

Senior Member

Great topic @Vinai ! 

Are you thinking on discussion more on concepts or languages in particular?

I'm due to read this book which was recommended by Uncle Bob at some point.


You have my kudos!

Magento Master

Hey Pablo,

sorry, only now saw the reply. I was thinking of discussing the concepts and ideas can be used in the context of Magento, so in terms of programming languages probably mostly PHP and maybe JavaScript.