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B2B Road Map

B2B Road Map


Does Magento post a road map for additions to it's B2B suite? If so, where can I find it?


Re: B2B Road Map

Re: B2B Road Map

Thanks for the links. 


However, none of these offer any sort of road map.  

Anyone else? How about 2.3 B2B functionality...anything included there?

Re: B2B Road Map



You can find for Magento 2.3 B2B in below shared link:

Manish Mittal

Re: B2B Road Map

Thanks again. However these are the dev docs. 


I'm looking for something a merchant can read, understand, and get excited about.

Re: B2B Road Map

In 2.3 there will be no additional features for B2B specifically.


There is an internal roadmap available with some user stories these include an authorization workflow and some other improvements to it.


I´m not aware that these are public currently so cannot really share more on this but I have had a chat with the B2B team at some past events where this was discussed.


We have developed some internal modules as add-ons to Magento´s B2B module which we are using for multiple clients but I think in the B2B space the needs to the customers are quite specific.


What are some features you are looking for?



Re: B2B Road Map

Hi, I hope it's not rude to piggy-back on someone else's thread, but I am also very interested in understanding what the B2B roadmap looks like.


In particular, I'd like to know when import/export functionality will be built for the Shared Catalog pricing. In my opinion the requirement to manually update pricing per product per Shared Catalog is a bit of a bottleneck, to say the least.