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Bizarre traffic, how to combat possible ddos

Bizarre traffic, how to combat possible ddos

I'm getting massive spikes in traffic for no apparent reason, landing right on same the item pages over and over. I have no idea what to do, they knock our website offline from it.





Re: Bizarre traffic, how to combat possible ddos

Take a look at your Apache logs, if you have access to them. See if there's a consistent user-agent or IP address involved in accessing these pages, and then block it via robots.txt (unlikely to help, honestly, if it's a malicious attack) or by using .htaccess to deny them access to your site. 


For most sites, those steps are sufficient to resolve a problem like this. Now, if you're truly under attack by an organized attacker that's launched a DDOS on you - then you'll need your hosting provider to step in and help. But in my experience, it's usually not a DDOS that causes things like this, it's usually scripts and bots that are either scraping your site or attempting to compromise your site's passwords, in which case, blocking them via .htaccess will resolve the issue. 



--Joshua Warren - @JoshuaSWarren on Twitter
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