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Complete Novice - Desperate for help!

Complete Novice - Desperate for help!

Hi All,

My family have paid an IT Developer to do their Magento website for them - and it turns out he hasn't got a clue how to do it!

If anyone can help me solve the many issues below I would be so so grateful as I've stepped in to try and help with my very minimal knowledge of Magento.


1) so simple, yet i cant find it anywhere - How do I alter the sizes of pictures on a product page?

2) We have a section where customers can log-in and create an account - how do i edit what they see? The greeting as they log in etc?

3) I have created a 'Meet the Team' static page on CMS - but no matter what I do I cant get it to show?

4) Once the customer has logged in they have a variety of options to their accoun on the left hand side, things like 'account information', 'shipping address', 'address book', 'billing agreement', 'recurring profiles'. How do i disable these?

5) How do I link our Youtube page to the website. The Web Developer left a Youtube icon at the bottom of our homepage however it doesnt actually link to anything.

Thank you so so much for any help in advance.

If anyone fancies taking a look at the website and can give me any pointers or tips of things that need improvng, I would love to hear your feedback.



Sally x


Re: Complete Novice - Desperate for help!

Hi Sally,


I may be able to help you there. 


I'm based in Middlewich but out of the office for the rest of today (Thursday). I could give you a call for a chat on Friday if you like? If so, are you on 01625 402900?






Re: Complete Novice - Desperate for help!

HI Sally!


Welcome to Magento!  I hope that your store is off to a great start!


Regarding your questions:

1. This depends on your theme. Sometimes they allow you to change from the Admin Panel, other times not. Check the theme author's documentation that they gave you with the theme download. If its not editable in the Admin Panel, it can be changed in the actual code (CSS/HTML) if you know how, or your frontend developer could do it.

2. Unless the theme author has added a block for this, I'm not aware of a standard/default text that can be changed in the Admin Panel. If there is a block, it would appear under CMS->Static Blocks. Alternatively, this could require a quick edit to your theme (either yourself or via a frontend developer).

3. The CMS page might not be set to "Enabled" perhaps? Or you could need to clear the cache. What do you see when you go to the URL?

4. There is no way to disable these from Admin Panel that I know of, but could be 'hidden' via a quick change in the code if you need. Your customers might not notice/care about the tabs that aren't applicable, so you might not worry about this unless it becomes a big concern. That would be my personal advice.

5. This also depends on your theme.  When you go to System->Configuration, you should see a tab on the left for your theme (most likely).  This is where the various settings are stored.  If the theme author implemented this in the ideal way, you'll have boxes here to enter all of your social URLs.  If not, it has to be changed in the code itself.  Again, this should appear in the theme author's documentation/guide on how to configure the theme.


Let me know if I can help with anything - these are super quick changes to make if you do wish to hire a professional.  A Magento Certified Frontend Developer should be able to handle all of these pretty quickly.  Email me if you want to discuss further.



Jenna W. | Magento Certified Solution Specialist
Creatuity | Launchpad