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Do you have helpful SEO suggestions?

Do you have helpful SEO suggestions?

We've heard that SEO is often a pain point with small business merchants. What suggestions do you have for improving SEO on your store? What's worked? What hasn't worked?


Robert Kent from Creare shared a few tips on our blog including:

  • Being a thought leader in your industry and blogging on your site.
  • Cleaning up your navigation.
  • Using Magento's built-in SEO tools.
  • Looking at your meta robots tag to make sure search engines see your site.
  • Utilizing your meta descriptions for products and categories.
  • Redirecting broken pages.
  • Delivering a single page of your site to search engines.
  • XML sitemap generation.
  • Increasing performance speed and usability.

You can view all his tips at DIY SEO with Magento. What's missing here?


Re: Do you have helpful SEO suggestions?

Hello, here are some more tips on Magento SEO:


- Make sure each product page can be accessed on a single URL even if it's located in multiple categories;

- Configure parameters exclusion in GWT for sorting anf filtering pages;

- Create unique product descriptions and categories texts;

- Make your shop mobile-friendly;

- Optimize images to make pages load faster;

- Add rich snippets for products to increase CTR in SERPs;

- Provide valuable tips and posts for your inductry and build a brand through your blog.



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Re: Do you have helpful SEO suggestions?

Here are some more tips


Add Individually Products's Meta Tags .

Add Label to All Images.

Re: Do you have helpful SEO suggestions?

Great blog post! We appreciate the excellent MSB content.


If you hope to appear for mobile searchers, ensuring your site meets Google's new mobile-friendly criteria is important.


It's easy to test via this link:


A Magento Certified Developer can help you with fixing any non-compliance issues. 


There's good tips linked to on Google's blog:

Jenna W. | Magento Certified Solution Specialist
Creatuity | Launchpad

Re: Do you have helpful SEO suggestions?

Jenna, thanks for sharing the mobile friendly test link - often overlooked but it's a great way to test quickly and get immediate feedback from google on how to modify your responsive design to be closer in line with their mobile reccomendations .

Bryan "BJ" Hoffpauir - Contact me on my Blog!

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Re: Do you have helpful SEO suggestions?

Hi everyone.


We often write about Magento SEO as we have a lot of clients for whome we do such services and we've seen all sorts of stuff.


Let me contribute another small tip:


Make sure you verify both HTTP and HTTPS versions of your website in Google Search Console (ex. google Webmaster Tools). 


Unliek Google Analytics where oyu gat both http and https data in single view, for Google Search COnsole thos eare two separate websites and you might be looking at just one of them and not seeing all of the warnings, errors and messgaes that might be found on another one. 

eCommerce Consultant at Inchoo

Re: Do you have helpful SEO suggestions?



Just stumbled across this thred - I wrote this and I update it petty regularly >


Let me know if there's anything you think I've missed.


Paul Rogers

Re: Do you have helpful SEO suggestions?

Put the technologies in place to allow your customers to generate much of your site's content. Doing so improves your SEO far greater than any other effort.

Re: Do you have helpful SEO suggestions?

I spotted a few good tips in this article:

It contains best practices of how you should best configure a SEO module for Magento

Re: Do you have helpful SEO suggestions?

we've written a tweaking guide if you want to take a look at that, hope it helps!




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