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How to stop Magento telemarketers??

How to stop Magento telemarketers??

Hi, I'm getting calls and emails every day from companies offering various business services. It seems they get my phone number and email address from Magento.

They all want to sell me something - magento development, SEO optimization, etc - various unsolicited sales calls that I don't want.

I'm using Magento Community edition.

How can I change my privacy settings so Magento doesn't share my phone number or email address? 


Re: How to stop Magento telemarketers??

It is highly unlikeley that they got your phone number and / or e-mail from Magento.


Since you're using Magento CE, Magento probably doesn't even have your phone number.

eCommerce Consultant at Inchoo

Re: How to stop Magento telemarketers??

If not posted on your website it must have been leaked out by some agency along with your email address that you may have hired lately. There is no way you can block those calls, For emails you can mark them as spam.