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Magento Mobile and responsive

Magento Mobile and responsive




I'm looking into making a current site more responsive for mobile devices and not sure of the options available, I hope someone can help shed some light.


I've seen the 'manage mobile apps' section in the back-end having not paid much attention to it before. Is this section for publishing an app in a marketplace like Appstore and Google Play?

I'm trying this out but reach stage where it asks for an activation key, however the link it gives no longer exists ( If this is what it's for, what are the cost implications of publishing a store app?


i think the main objective is to have the site render responsively on mobile devices, i'm part familiar with installing and detecting the magentio mobile theme. Is this still teh best way to do it?






Re: Magento Mobile and responsive

This feature was used to deploy mobile apps - not responsive sites.

I'd recomend purchasing a responsive theme and working within that, alternatively if you wan't something a little more customised I'd suggest finding a partner to implement for you.


Alternatively depending on your budget contraints you could look at potentially migrate over to Pixify where you can manage a responsive site yourself.


Hope this helps.


Andrew Waite

Convert Digital


Re: Magento Mobile and responsive

Mobile responsive is an old method. Nowadays built an mobile app for magento store is trend! Because of mobile users is rapidly growing day by day. So Better to move mobile app is beneficial for your store. 


Regards Contus M-Comm