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No reply from magento

No reply from magento

I then trust this company, because they have put their products in magento connect. And i also checked their reviews here:

So i bought admin grind extension, and they offer me free installation. I waited for 1 day, because they told me it will be done within 24 hours. And no result. I have to hire another programmer to installed it. And i shocked because the extension name is from amasty.
I am afraid it had many bugs in it as this wasn't their extension.
I sent many emails to ask for explanation from haltngo with no reply. But after 4 days they replied.
I attached file to prove this (magentoconnect1 and magentoconnect2)

I also asked amasty about this, and they told me that they don't know As they give me their partners list here:

I then found out that haltngo modify. Check attached image (same testimonial)

What is your suggestion? Because they also put their products in your trustable magento connect?
They don't reply any of my emails again.

Re: No reply from magento

Did you contact the Magento Connect team at this link?

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: No reply from magento

Hi mkljrd --


Sorry to hear about your frustration with this extension purchase.  


Magento Connect is a marketplace where you can see what's available, and read customer reviews before making a purchase. Every extension on Magento Connect has gone through a submission and review process, and the developers agree to provide adequate support and documentation.  Any extension purchased through Magento Connect is a  transaction between the buyer and the seller. 


Because you purchased the extension from another company's website, the best thing we can do is to encourage you to find help from either the company that you purchased the extension from, or from members of the Magento community -- which is exactly what you're doing!


I think it's safe to say that most businesses care about their customers, and they want you to have a good experience with their product.  I would encourage you to continue to pursue that route. I'm sure you know this, but I'll say it anyway. When you're frustrated, it helps to go take a walk. Then, after you work off all your steam, contact support and politely explain the problem.  Because you have generated a support ticket, they will get back to you.   It's in their database, and they want it resolved.


Hope this helps!





Re: No reply from magento

Hello @mkljrd

We are not partners with Haltngo and it's a shame they are selling our product and have copied its full description and even reviews from our site! Now we are investigating this issue.

We are sorry you’ve got taken by this fraud. You can ask Haltngo for a refund and buy extensions from only the trusted stores in the future. As for our Extended Grid, we will give you a discount for it if we see you among our customers Smiley Happy

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Re: No reply from magento

Hmmmm, sad to hear, did it fix for you. I was trying to check partners list, did not find any. Hope it solves for you. As of my knowledge my experience with Amasty and FMEExtensions has always been very good. 

Re: No reply from magento - HALTNGO - WARNING

I also purchased an extension from HALTNGO. My developer had questions regarding installation and I contacted them and opened a ticket. They promised to install the extension for free FOUR times... NOTHING EVER HAPPENED except empty promises. Finally, I became nervous about giving them access to my web info and changed my passwords. 

I open a case in PayPal and they "couldn't decide in my favor" to refund my money. I am out $74. 



Re: No reply from magento

I believe someone should raise a legal action against! Seriously! 


The company is a SCAM!  

I purchased their SEO extension in April and contacted them to get help with installation and configuration. I received only one response from them, and it was smth like "our support specialist will get in touch with you soon". And then nothing. For more than a month.


No wonder I applied for a refund, but (WHAT A SURPRISE) the refund period was over. I felt totally ripped off and disrespected! Not only I didn't get the promised "free" installaton, I was totally ignored and left without ANY support!!! 


Later on I found out, that even the extension I bought was not originally developed by them. They just stole the whole code!


@CCondra! Guys, if you are reading this, you SHOULD do smth about that! Such developers are a DISGRACE to you!



Re: No reply from magento

Hi all, Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. I'm checking now with our Connect team. We do have policies in place for removing stolen extensions from Connect and will check this code accordingly.


Community Manager, Magento
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Re: No reply from magento

Thank you,  @CCondra, @sherrie!

We trully appreciate your contribution into fighting with "lousy" Mageto developers. You are doing a great job on making Magento Connect a better place.


However, guys, we still have a long way to go. 


The reason why we have decided to submit this post is that we recently discovered that @theMageComp , the so called "valued" contributor of this forum, stole the code of 4 our most popular Magento extesions and was ILLEGALLY selling them under different names  on their website and Magento connect. Also, our partners have surprisingly found the code of their extensions being sold there. 

All we are SHOCKED, to say the least... 


Since it's an obvious case of copyright infringement (and we have all the proof for that), we have submitted a DMSA Request to their hosting provider and filed the Copyright Inrefingement Notice on Magento Connect.


2 hours later, 3 of our stolen extensions suddenly disappeared from the @theMageComp website and Magento Connect (but no worries, they are still to be found on the Google's index, which is another proof of their illegal behaviour and unscrupulous competition).   


Yes, we understant that it was challenging to check and compare the code of each and every extension that gets on Magento Connect.  But we truly hope that Magento Connect 2.0 won't have such issues.

Otherwise, what's the point for us, honest Magento developers, to create new useful extensions, develop great new ideas, etc.
If the guys like @theMageComp just steal the code, reduce the price and write 500+ forum posts promoting stolen products...


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Re: No reply from magento

Hi @MageWorxTeam, I'll reach out via PM.


Community Manager, Magento
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