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Product not being removed from a category

Product not being removed from a category

Hi guys, 


I am trying to remove a product from a category page in the back end. However, I click x on the category I want to remove it from and save it, and it reappears. I have tried reindexing and flushing the cache, but nothing seems to work. Does anyone know how I can fix this?


Thanks for taking the time to read!



Re: Product not being removed from a category

Hi @roryhumidia957 ,


1) Please check system.log and exception.log after click on Save button. You might find some useful errors from log files.


2) As you have already performed reindex and issue still available then I suggest to increase php's memory_limit, max_execution_time and max_input_vars


3) Might be you are removing products from parent category and because of is_anchor enable, it's getting auto assign again because of product's assigned into one of the child category.


I have faced same issue because of 3rd point that I have mentioned above. Please check Anchor is enabled or not and try again.


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Hope it helps!


Ankit Jasani