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Recruiting Magento Help?

Recruiting Magento Help?

Hi all,


My website is in need of help and as I don't know anyone locally with Magento experience and my store's checkout being wrecked by someone 'pretending' it was an easy job for him I'm somewhat apprehensive!


It seems to me that providing 'Admin' access to someone I've never met, is a bit worrying! What are your thoughts on this? Other than changing the Admin login password after are there any other steps I should take?


Am I being overly cautious?






Re: Recruiting Magento Help?

I recently came across this site, 

Good luck! 

Re: Recruiting Magento Help?

Thanks for the recommendation @mharr!

@StitchUp, that's a great question.  I've actually gotten burned in the past (a long time ago) by giving a contractor access to my production environment.  They ended up blackmailing me for $300 bucks - pretty crazy right?


One of my goals with Commerce Hero is to build a platform where merchants can trust the developers that they're hiring, similar to the way in which Airbnb creates trust between parties.

I should probably work on a blog post at some point on the topic of how to know what to entrust to a developer access-wise.  I'll let you know if I do that soon!