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What do i need to start from scratch

What do i need to start from scratch

I've used Magento in the past while working for a previous employer so I know it's the best way to go for me. The problem is, I don't know all the ins and outs of setting up everything on the back end to ensure that I'm able to operate securely. I have a hosted magento installation via Nexcess but I'm wondering what else do I need to setup before I start linking my third party platforms. When the time comes, I will hire a web dev to setup things like SSL, CMS, etc. However, for now I'm only interested in connecting my third party marketplaces and creating a central database that links all products and allows me to process orders. I know about extensions like M2E pro so I'm not worried about that part. Just wanting to make sure there is nothing on the back end of my Magento installation that needs to be setup before I start adding products and importing orders. Also, is there any reason that I shouldn't upgrade to Mag. 2.0? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


Re: What do i need to start from scratch

Do you know what integrations you have? You can certainly get things going without all your integrations up front.


If you want to upgrade to Magento2.0 you should confirm that integrations you want have extensions for Magento2.0

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