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Why don't you just ask?

Why don't you just ask?

If you want to know what it would take to boost your conversion rate, what your customers think about your shipping options or if they are able to find the products they want buy in your shop, why don't you just ask them? Big retailers and brands do this all the time.


I am a software developer that has worked in the market research industry for many years and I am surprised that sureys are not used more in Magento webshops. Google Analytics is a fantastic tool because it lets you see how visitors on your site behave... but it does not tell you why they behave as they do. 


I wonder if the principal reason surveys are not widely used is that the surey extensions in the marketplace are not very well done. You obviously want an extension that does not get in the way of customers when they are making a purchase and one that offers some useful analysis features.


Or perhaps most merchants simply do not consider surveys to be a powerful tool?


What are your thoughts on this? Would you consider using surveys in your Magento store if a great extension was available?


Re: Why don't you just ask?

Are you a merchant? If so, I'd be interested in chatting with you to see what kinds of insights you are trying to gather. There are definitely ways to go about surveys and gathering other data using Magento.

Jenna W. | Magento Certified Solution Specialist
Creatuity | Launchpad

Re: Why don't you just ask?

No, I'm not merchant. I'm a software developer and I'm wondering if anyone might be interested in a great magento extension to collect and analyse feedback from customers.