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endicia Print Auto Labels

endicia Print Auto Labels

Hi Guys,

hi hope you can help me here.

we try to automate to print usps shipping labels.

our WMS export for each order a csv file with the costumer information.


we try now via endicia to import the csv file, and print the shipping label automatically,

we can use the batch import, he works, but after packing a order we must klick on the print button from hand.


maybe the community here can let use a solution.

when it will not work with endicia, no problem, we can use a other solution, where print use the labels.





Re: endicia Print Auto Labels

I think you'd have a hard time finding a solution to automatically print labels without your confirmation. Even our software, which is designed to help you fulfill orders as quickly as possible, requires you to click to print each individual label. The reason we (and other shipping software providers) do this is to help ensure that you are double-checking your shipment specifications and that you see the shipping rate before accepting that rate and printing a label. If a customer calls us complaining that they paid more than they wanted to for labels that were automatically printed, it would be a tough situation.

Re: endicia Print Auto Labels

If you're still looking for a solution for this, we have quite a few clients using ShipStation, and I noticed on their site they mention "Batch print hundreds of labels at once with a few clicks" - so I think it might be a good option for you.
--Joshua Warren - @JoshuaSWarren on Twitter
CEO, Creatuity & Launchpad.
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