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Community Monthly Update - October 2022

Community Monthly Update - October 2022

Hello all!

Welcome to the Community Monthly Update for October. 


Security Patch Releases 

On October 11 we released security patches 2.4.5-p1 and 2.4.4-p2. These security patches includes five security bug fixes. One fix included the creation of a new configuration setting. The Require email confirmation if email has been changed configuration setting lets administrators require email confirmation when an admin user changes their email address. Adobe recommends to apply these patches as soon as possible to protect your store from the patched vulnerabilities.


Due to public demand we also retroactively released a security hotfix for CVE-2022-35698. Details about the hotfix including which versions are affected and how to patch can be found in the Adobe Knowledge Base article.


Community Prioritization Process 

We've officially launched the Magento Open Source community prioritization process in conjunction with the Magento Association.  Adobe will work closely with the community to ensure that we work with the community to prioritize the right issues in the Magento Open Source code base.  In addition, we'll provide regular updates to communicate the progress and highlight the new changes upcoming in the code base.  Working with the Magento Association, we will create awareness of this process and get more of the community involved and excited again.  You can read about the details in this blog post.  Looking forward to how the community can impact future entrepreneurs and small business dreams succeed! Tell your friends!


2.3 End of Support on Marketplace 

2.3 End of Support updates are coming to the Adobe Commerce Marketplace. 2.3 reached End of Support on September 8, 2022.  The Adobe Commerce Marketplace will remove 2.3 compatibility from the store on November 5th, 2022.  



Beta for Real-Time Customer Data Platform Audiences in Adobe Commerce

We are excited to announce the launch of the beta program for Real-Time CDP Audiences in Adobe Commerce on October 31.

  • What: Merchants with both Adobe Commerce & Real-Time CDP can now personalize the shopping experience by delivering highly relevant site content and promotions, customized to customer segments built and managed within Real-Time CDP.
  • Why: With Real-Time CDP as a single source of truth for rich customer data, merchants can centralize data management, dynamically personalize experiences in real-time, and drive conversion.
  • How: Merchants can select Adobe Commerce as a new destination within Adobe Real-Time CDP. When the destination is configured, audience information is available in real-time to dynamically personalize cart price rules and content blocks in Adobe Commerce.


Catalog Service for Adobe Commerce

Customers can now improve site performance with the release of our new Catalog Service for Adobe Commerce. This multi-tenant SaaS service provides read-only catalog data to power storefront shopping experiences by boosting the performance of catalog data retrieval to more quickly present product information to site visitors. With up to 10 times faster data retrieval, this means, product detail pages, category pages, search results, and other pages that require catalog data will display information much faster resulting in improved customer experience and conversion rates. See the Catalog Services Guide.



Payment Services 

Payments Services for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source provides easy access to a business function every site needs to tackle in order to generate revenue.  We are delivering a hassle free payments experience that is supported by Adobe, is secure and PCI compliant, and is a SaaS service that provides the ability to deliver updates and new functionality without an extension installation.  Many customers are already enjoying the benefits of Payment Services from Adobe.

Now we are happy to offer multiple business accounts as a feature for merchants.  This feature allows Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source merchants the ability to support multiple brands or websites under one parent organization.  Payment Services can be as individual as the brands merchants support, allowing merchants to customize the experience for their shoppers.

If you want to learn more or have questions, visit the Payment Services page.



New Space for Community Engineering Recorded Videos

Magento Community Engineering YouTube channel is in the process of being retired, and migration of playlists and videos to the Adobe Developers YouTube channel is currently underway.  We will retain the old channel's videos for archival purposes.  The Adobe Developers channel will be our new home for content surrounding all things Adobe Commerce developer-related, so be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications to stay in the loop.  We are aiming to automate this process as there are quite a lot of videos to migrate over, so the biggest hurdle will be finishing writing and verifying the correctness of the automation.  Also take note that not every video will be migrated over, as some were deemed outdated and no longer relevant.


Adobe Commerce(M2) Certification Expiration Extension

In July 2021, we introduced the renewal requirement to the Adobe Commerce Credential program. We feel renewal helps credential holders create value using the most current and relevant Adobe product knowledge and skills. Renewal also enhances the value of an Adobe credential to customers and employers.

We’re excited to announce that certification renewal program for Adobe Commerce will be available in January 2023. Certificate holders will be able to use Adobe continuous learning activities and assessments to renew their Adobe Commerce certifications—free of charge and on-demand/unproctored.

If you’re an Adobe Commerce certificate holder who was credentialed on or before December 31, 2019, we’re extending your expiration date through June 30, 2023.

We’ll be updating your record in the Adobe Credential Manager to reflect your new expiration date—you’ll be notified in early November once your expiration has been updated.

The Adobe Credential Program continually strives to improve our program to meet the needs of our partners. We appreciate your flexibility and the feedback you provide! If you have any additional questions, please contact us at



50% off  Adobe Commerce Certification Exams

Transition from legacy Magento Exams to join the Adobe Certification community at 50% off for a limited time! Check out this article for more details



Community Engineering Hangout

Community Engineering Hangout is a public event aimed to share the latest platform updates, gather feedback and spread technical knowledge with the Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source Community.

Please visit to get the dial-in details, check the upcoming Hangout schedule,  and watch the recordings of our earlier sessions. 

Reach out to us if you would like to speak at one of these sessions. 



Magento Association

The Magento Association hosted the MA Town Hall on October 27.  It was well attended and covered a lot of areas including admin/business updates, readouts from each of the sub-committees that are part of the Magento Association, and details around the Magento Open Source community contribution process referenced earlier in this newsletter.  Ritesh Somani, who is the Adobe board member, continues to work closely with the Magento Association and the community as a whole to create a collaborative community where Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source ecosystems work towards powering economic prosperity for businesses worldwide.




Upcoming Events 


Meet Magento Thailand (Nov 3 2022)

Meet Magento Thailand is just around the corner. With 1000+ attendees and 30+ speakers , this event will be a great place to connect with leaders and inspire innovations. Register here.




See you next month,
Parul Sinha