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Imagine 2015 is in full swing, here's the community fun from the weekend!


Imagine 2015 is in full swing, here's the community fun from the weekend!

Magento Community, if you're not here at the Imagine conference, I really wish you were!


First of all, if you hadn't heard the news - I'm really excited to be joining Ryan Thompson, Lee Hadsock and Ben Marks on the Small Business Team as Community Manager! I'll be help to connect you with each other as well as with eBay Enterprise and support various community initiatives. I will also be focused on the Magento forums, right here, and working closely with the moderator team.


So please reach out! I really want to hear your challenges and your successes and how I can help.


Now on to the Imagine updates! Here's a round up of some of the fantastic community-organized events that happened over the weekend leading up to Imagine:


Hackathon, organized by Fabrizio Branca (@fbrnc)

I checked in with Fabrizio this morning and he shared that Saturday's hackathon was a huge success! With 30 people in attendance, they were able to split into 10 teams to complete various projects for both M1 & M2.


You can check out some of their projects here:





(Photo Credit: Ben Marks


MageRun, organized by Brent Peterson (@brentwpeterson)


While Brent sadly couldn't join for the MageRun this year (due to running the Boston Marathon the next day), he still managed to wrangle a fantastic crew of Magento runners who even brought back awards!



(Photo Credit: Ben Marks)


 #preimagine, organized by Kimberely Thomas (@magentogirl) & Ignacio Riesco (@ignacioriesco)


Sunday afternoon brought the annual #preimagine event poolside at Wynn Encore. It was fantastic to see so many community members and companies come together to provide this event yet again. I even heard someone describe it as "a reunion, but the good kind!" 



(Photo Credit: Ignacio Riesco)


Did I miss something? Let me know! 


Also, if you're at Imagine and I haven't met you yet, please reach out, I'd really love to talk! You can find me here or on Twitter at @sherrierohde. Smiley Happy



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