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Magento 2.2 Release Candidate Software is Now Available

Magento 2.2 Release Candidate Software is Now Available

We are excited to announce that Magento 2.2 Release Candidate software is now available. As we prepare for the final release, we are asking for your help to test the code and share any feedback you may have. Together, we can ensure that Magento continues to be the market’s most innovative and flexible commerce platform.


To make it easier to participate in Release Candidate testing, we’ve set up a Quick Start Site with access to release notes, documentation, component readiness status, and information on our testing environment.


All developers can access the Community Edition Release Candidate code at


Solution, Technology, and Hosting Partners can access the Enterprise Edition code (including the B2B functionality) in a private repository by signing an online agreement at Please have the Magento Primary Contact for your company complete the online agreement and designate the GitHub account that will receive access to the code repository. The Primary Contact must be logged in to access the online agreement page. If you currently have access to the B2B Alpha repository, you still need to sign this new agreement to access the full Enterprise Edition 2.2 code base.


Please note that we can enable two types of GitHub accounts:


  • A Partner GitHub account that is clearly labeled with the name of the Partner, the Partner’s logo, and a link to the Partner’s website.
  • An individual account for an employee of a Partner. The GitHub “Company Name” field must contain the Partner name or @partnername, or the user’s profile must show that the developer is a member of the Partner’s GitHub Organization.


Once you sign the agreement and provide your GitHub account information, we will review the submission and grant access to the private GitHub repository containing the Release Candidate software. It can take up to 3 business days to enable an account.


Thank you again for helping us test the Magento 2.2 Release Candidate software. Be sure to check back regularly, as we will be making weekly code updates during the first Release Candidate phase. We look forward to working with you to bring a powerful, high-quality release to market.


Best regards,

The Magento Team


Developer Relations, Adobe Experience Cloud
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Re: Magento 2.2 Release Candidate Software is Now Available

That is great news @sherrie!


I'm excited about Magento 2.2 RC, and I will share the news in Twitter to help spread the word about the RC program.


Best regards.


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