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Magento 2.2 Update Available

Magento 2.2 Update Available

Magento 2.2 has completed a thorough testing phase and is now closed to new development. At this point in time, there should be no changes that impact your ability to update extensions or custom modules.


Please continue to submit your updated extensions to the Magento Marketplace. We recommend that you limit your updates to the composer.json and module.xml files if possible so your extensions can go through an expedited review process (estimated 7 business day turnaround). If code changes are necessary due to backward incompatibility issues or to add net new functionality, the submission will go through the standard review process and timeline. We expect the final release will be published in the next few weeks, so please submit your extensions soon.


For more information on Magento 2.2 and to access the code, please go to:

  • Magento 2.2 Quick Start Site: This site provides release notes, documentation, known issues, a list of backward incompatible changes, and much more to help you prepare for the release.
  • Magento Open Source GitHub: All developers can access Magento Open Source (formerly Community Edition) software from our GitHub repository.
  • Magento Commerce GitHub: Companies participating in the Magento Solution, Technology and Hosting Partner Programs can access Magento Commerce (formerly Enterprise Edition) software from a private repository by signing an online agreement and providing GitHub account information. See our previous Forum post for more information on how to access this codebase.


Thank you again for your support, testing, and input. Please feel free to continue submitting feedback via GitHub. All submissions will be evaluated for inclusion in future updates. As we get closer to our final release, please take time to study the code, prepare your teams, and finalize your extensions so that you are ready to support merchants on Magento 2.2.



Best regards,

The Magento Team


Developer Relations, Adobe Experience Cloud
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