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AdWords Ads with Magento brand

AdWords Ads with Magento brand


My name is Fabio and I'm partner and Business Manager of, an italian digital agency focused on Magento tech. We have 4 Magento certifications in our agency and we would like to improve our Magento business. To do that we work a lato with AdWords ads. But actually isn't possible to use Magento brand in our ads. Seem only partner can use it (Maybe not but I didn't receive any answer from Magento about it). 

Maybe possible to understand how to require the possibility of using the trademarks Magento in our AdWords Ads? 

I hope it's possible, otherwise, considering that the selection to become Magento partner isn't very clear, is a complete failure of Magento growth in italian market.


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Re: AdWords Ads with Magento brand

You are correct as I understand, you are not able to use the term Magento in adwords as it is copyrighted. I have heard that partners can get permission but like you say, even then it isn't guaranteed. I don't think there's away around this. 

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