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Creating custom 2FA provider

Creating custom 2FA provider

I'd like to enable the 2FA extension (, but I'd like to write my own provider.

Anybody who can point me in the right direction? I have been working with WordPress for several years, but Magento is all new to me.


Best regards

Big N00b


Re: Creating custom 2FA provider

Hello @mattias_fjellva 


Please check out Magento 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) extension from miniOrange. This extension adds an extra layer of security to your Magento store by requiring two-factor authentication for admin and customer accounts.


Features provided in the extension:-

15+ Authentication Methods ( Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Duo Authenticator, OTP over WhatsApp, etc.)
Enforce 2FA registration of User
Enable if your users want to change the 2FA method
Allow specific 2FA methods to configure in inline registration
Role Based 2FA
Backup Codes
Blacklist and whitelist IPs etc. 


Please check out this link to know more about the Magento 2FA extension by miniOrange


We at miniOrange provide state-of-the-art plugins for Magento with custom modifications to cater to your every need. Please reach out to us at to discuss your requirement in detail and then provide you with this solution accordingly.