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Do Not Implement Magento 2

Do Not Implement Magento 2

We have migrated 3 sites over to Magento 2.  The first site was migrated in September.  We have had nothing but problems.  Extensions are few and not supported. And the worst thing of all is that there is a Magento 2/Paypal BrainTree bug that occasionally causes an auth failure and so legitimate orders are being rejected and we have no way to help the customer place an order even though they have a valid card.  I wish I could say it is just us.  But just yesterday I tried placing an order for an extension on Weltpixel (they are also on Magento 2) and I got the same server error some of our customers get when trying to place the order.  And I know the credit card information is correct.  Magento 2/Paypal BrainTree really need to fix their bugs.  You should not go over to Magento 2 when customers cannot even successfully place orders.  Do not be an early adopter.  Do not make the same mistake we did.    


Re: Do Not Implement Magento 2

I have the same problem for 6 months ....
The magento 2 solution has deteriorated drastically.

Less convivial and especially full of bug and doubtful solutions that are late.

What is an ecommerce solution without the possibility of making reliable transactions.

Magento won, I give up this platform. Sorry.

Re: Do Not Implement Magento 2

Hi @AdminYd and @Revival_Parts, so sorry to hear this. What specific issues did you run into? Which version of Magento 2 were you using? Did you submit any of your issues on GitHub?


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Re: Do Not Implement Magento 2

Hi guys,


I see this post here that relates to our store. 


We managed solve the checkout issues with Braintree - Magento 2. It turns out that multiple causes generated this behaviour, making this hard to debug. 


We had some zip code issues, a wrong Braintree configuration and multiple client credit cards with soft decline because of incorrect address or insufficient funds. In all cases on Magento checkout there was the same error: "An error occurred on the server. Please try to place the order again." so no wonder this may generate confusion. 


We've put together an article explaining all 3 solutions we applied and this worked for us. We did not receive any other reports of Magento 2 checkout errors.




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