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Do not use this extension!

Do not use this extension!

Hi All,

I have some bad experience with mega menu from, this extension is not compatible with varnish cache which causes a slow site. The developers can't and don't want to fix the issue.


So if you run a proper fast store and you want to keep it fast don't purchase this megamenu extension and save some irritations AND money. This is the extension

Good luck :-)


Re: Do not use this extension!


I see by chance this feedback and i have some different experiences on the Magento 2 mega menu from Lof team. 

I have been using it since 2020. Maybe a year later, their module has been improved.

Lucky me

Re: Do not use this extension!


My business has had an exciting experience with Mega Menu Pro extensions from Landofcoder. In general, we feel satisfied with these and comfortable with the team’s support. Magento 2 Mega Menu Pro supports you reorganize the entire list of products in a neat and spectacular way by creating dynamic navigation menus with no code required. The products on my Magento store can be arranged into a particular category that makes it easier for the customers to navigate. To make sure, you can read more and try on using Five-star rating Magento 2 Mega Menu Extension FREE released. By the way, you can assess truly and exactly about them.

Re: Do not use this extension!

The extension does not work correctly with varnish! After I requested the refund they told me that the extension works probperly but I sent them approximately 100 videos where the extension does not work!! It is not possible to get money back although the advertize with a 30 money back guarantee! hahaha very sad...


Do not go to landofcoder!!! Terrible and the support is really bad.