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Does Magento Enterprise Edition comes with source code?

Does Magento Enterprise Edition comes with source code?

I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask but I could not get the answer for it. We are looking for a custom - hybrod solution for one of the merchants looking to base their solution on top of Magento.


The system we would like to have need to communicate and integrate with various .NET based sub systems in the entire landscape of the solution too through Web Services. However, many of the feature we are looking out directly match what is there in the Enterprise Edition including the B2B extentions too.


Hence, we wanted to understand, in case we opt for Magento Enterprise edition, will we be having access to the source code as well that would allow us to build those custom integration points between Magento Entrprise edition and other .NET applications. Also, we may want to modify certain functionalities too as per the business rules which we will be having.


Is it possible or we have to go with community edition only?



Re: Does Magento Enterprise Edition comes with source code?


Yes you can see all the source code for the enterprise version just as you can in the community edition.


In-fact; the core in both Enterprise and Community are identical.



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