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Extension Refund Issue

Extension Refund Issue


I bought an Extension on Magento Marketplace platform and i would like to refund this extension. Extension have 60 days free refund option.


I had already send a contact 2 weeks ago form marketplace contact page, and they gave me a ticket number #03218605 but nobody contact me.


How can i refund for that order? How long i need to wait for answer?

Can anybody about this issue?


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Re: Extension Refund Issue

Hi @paxdigital,


This should be handled through Marketplace. I'll have someone check on your ticket #.





Community Manager, Magento
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Re: Extension Refund Issue

Hi there, 

If you feel you need a refund, please go into your Marketplace account and request a refund there using the following steps:

1. Go to My Account > Purchase History.
2. From your order history, select the correct order.
3. “Request a Refund”.
4. Then you must fill out the refund order form. Please note, you must provide a reason for requesting a refund.
5. Marketplace Support will request information once the refund request is generated.

*It is important to note that 48hrs must elapse after completing a purchase to request a refund.

*The refund option is only available for 25 days after date-of-purchase. Per the Customer Agreement of Marketplace. (

Please feel free to reply with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Marketplace Support

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Re: Extension Refund Issue


Thank you for reply. But there is no any Request a Refund button for any order on Purchase History page.


Also, extension company gives 60 days free refund offers. I am trying to refund for 3 weeks and still get nothing.

Re: Extension Refund Issue

Hi @sherrie @mcyrus

Can you help me with this case? I am still waiting..

Re: Extension Refund Issue

Hi there, if you have never downloaded the extension (i.e. never tried it) I think this is why you do not see the option to refund. Also the Marketplace's refund period is 25 days only) but that being said we are committed to helping you to get this refund. Please reply to the email you messaged and cc me so that I can move this forward. Screenshots of what you are seeing are also very helpful.Thank you.

Re: Extension Refund Issue

Hi there,

Actually upon review. You ordered this extension in August. Why did you wait until September to contact us? The reason you do not have this option is because this is well past the 25 days as seen in our terms and conditions: 

Best regards,

Maura Cyrus

Re: Extension Refund Issue

Hi @mcyrus,

Extension had some technical problems and our developer team tried to fix this for 2 weeks. We also asked help from Extension Company (Amasty) and they returned us after 1 week from ticket. The answer is "extension not fully compatibility with memcache, sorry"


I can understand the terms and conditions but the problem is technical and we need time for investigate and fixing options.


I have allready sent an email to ( ref:_00D15Edmt._5001ChPGy6:ref )


I will be thankful for your help,

Best Regards

Re: Extension Refund Issue

Hi @mcyrus

Did you have time for my ticket?

Can you help me about refund issue?


Best Regards,

Re: Extension Refund Issue

Hello there, I will check with the team at please in the future reply to the team there. They are able to assist with refund requests. Thank you, Maura