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Finding remote Magento/PHP developer job

Finding remote Magento/PHP developer job

Hi all,

I built an aggregator listing the 100% remote jobs for Magento developers, PHP developers (as well as developers in dozen other programming languages):

It covers 20+ job boards. Job ads separated by role and technology stack. Non-remote jobs get filtered out.

Hope it helps you to find a remote job.

The information on remote4me (the remote jobs) is free. I mean, "free as free speech". Candidates does not need to register to access the jobs... So, I think this info *is* relevant to the community...

What do you think about it?


Re: Finding remote Magento/PHP developer job

In the spirit of sharing resources, I also want to mention another excellent platform for finding remote gigs, especially for developers with a niche skill set. It's curated to connect top-tier developers with startups and tech companies. The platform focuses on transparency, listing projects with detailed requirements, expected outcomes, and compensation. This could be a great complement to, offering more personalized job opportunities. It's all about having multiple tools in your arsenal to navigate the remote job market effectively.