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Forum Roadmap - Mar 2015

Forum Roadmap - Mar 2015

Wow, i'm really excited to see so much participation. I wanted to update everyone on the forum roadmap for next few weeks. 


First of all, Magento Certified Badges/Ranks are coming very soon so you will know if the answer is coming from a good source.


I'm also working on addressing some of the layout/CSS issues that were raised. 


Additionally, while I remember having ICQ number - we will replace those fields with Twitter/LinkedIn in the near future.


We are also one step closer to having better mobile experience - but this will take more time.


I will make sure to keep everyone informed about future changes in the roadmap. As usual, feel free to provide comments and ideas.


Thanks again!


Re: Forum Roadmap - Mar 2015

That's great to hear! 


By the way, maybe include more emoticons during reply? Smiley Very Happy

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: Forum Roadmap - Mar 2015

Thanks! Nice to see magento forum back after long time!

Re: Forum Roadmap - Mar 2015

The forums are implemented using Lithium, which is a SaaS solution. There are some limits in terms what can be customized. Emoticons for example are not easily customizable. 

Re: Forum Roadmap - Mar 2015

ICQ is no more!