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Help with transferring files

Help with transferring files

I am in the middle of uploading literally thousands of image files to our remote server for our website. I am using Filezilla ftp for transferring these image files. According to Siteground, we are limited to only uploading 2,000 files at a time. This has become an extremely time consuming process. 
I have googled and searched YouTube for any tutorials. There has been a couple of articles that talk about archiving the files (zipping them), upload via ftp to remote server and then unzipping the file. 
I have tried various ways but have been unsuccessful. Is there something I am missing? 
I can compress/zip multiple image files and then upload that zipped file via ftp to the remote server, but then I cannot figure out how to unzip in Filezilla.
Is there any tips, tricks that you are aware that could help speed up this process?
I have one folder of images that contains 130,935 images alone. Uploading only 2,000 at a time would be very time consuming.
Any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Help with transferring files

FTP is pretty limited in what you can do. I don't know that you can unzip via FTP. You could be clevel by uploading a .zip file and then uploading a PHP file and running it in the browser where that PHP file looks for the zip file and unzips it but that's pretty hacky and may not work depending on security and permissions that are set. 


I would recommend gaining SSH access to the server. With this you can `zip` and `scp` the file up, login and unzip. Even `rsync`-ing the files will be quicker than moving each file individually with FTP. 

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