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How much should this cost?

How much should this cost?

Hi everyone,


I was asked to create a Magento (community edition) online store for an importing/retail company at South Africa.


The thing is that I can't make a good estimation of the price I should offer to the potential customer and I would like your opinion.


So, first thing first.

This is the online shop I have already created. It is fully functional but I have only a few products added.


You can work around and see what it does and how the design (fully responsive) behaves.


In general, beyond what you see in my demo, the requirements are:


General Features:

1. 5 main categories to create

2. About 50 products to add (fully SEO friendly, meaning add meta titles, meta keywords, meta description, image optimizations etc) some of the configurable (size and color).

3. SSL protocol

4. Engilsh language only

5. Design modifications may be needed.

6. 20 CMS pages

7. Install and manage Gift Card for Magento extension (129$)


Shipping Features:

Two shipping methods are already built up:

1. Courier Express - the client receives the order in 1-3 business days. It costs 5.00USD for any destination and for any weight. Free shipping is offered if the order's amount is equal or more than 100.00USD (the delivery days, the cost and the free shipping minimum amount can be changed to any number you prefer)

2. Pick up from store - the client may pick up his/her order from your physical store. Of course, this is for free.


Payment Features:

Three payment methods are already built up:

  1. Cash on Delivery - the client pays in cash to the courier on delivery or at the store on pick up.
  2. Bank Transfer - a list of bank accounts may be available for the client to pay the order's amount to a bank. The client may have to send you the bank receipt by email for confirmation before you dispatch the order. 
  3. Credit card via PayPal - for clients who already have a Paypal account but not only; PayPal also offers a new service called PayPal Express which gives the ability to anyone who owns a MasterCard or Visa to complete the payment via PayPal's safe environment without having or creating a PayPal account, simply by entering the credit card details like using any other online payment environment.

Video tutorials to prepare

1. How to change images, texts, stock etc for products

2. How to manage a new order

3. How to create and send newletters

4. Other minor processes


Before you give me your proposition, please, have a look at the online store I have already srtarted for that potential customer.


So, can you please give me your cost propositions?

Please, keep in mind that from the amount I will say, 55% will go for VAT and taxes. So, only the 45% will come in my pocket.


Thank you all in advance