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Magento static block display issues

Magento static block display issues

Hello All,


The static block start displaying sporadically, as they sometimes show the wrong block rather than the correct block. Sometimes they display as desired. Does anyone know how to solve this issue which may be related to this issue?

Exactly, I create a static block an i want it to display only on home page, i call it on footer.phtml with som condition like check for cms and identifier == homepage (whn i print identifier it remains same for all pages in footer.phtml). But still it displayed on every page,

If i call it via CMS->Pages->home page. this is still appear for all like product list page, other footer link pages etc.


I found a temporary Solution:


I Set 'Blocks HTML output' Cache to Disabled.


Please give me any permanent solution, remember i am using Porto theme.

Thanks in anticipation.