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Magento 2.4.x responsive and Google Web Core Vitals.

Magento 2.4.x responsive and Google Web Core Vitals.

Being a Magento e-commerce consultant for 8 years with very good senior developers there is one issue we have been trying to solve for many months with no success. 


Ever since Google introduced Web Core Vitals mobile first a responsive Magento 2.4.x gets very bad scoring on mobile. Normally 15-20 of 100. A well optimised page can score if max 55. 


I  can't use the already outdated Google AMP or Magento PWA as they don't support many things like external js. The checkout we use mostly and many extensions. So that's not an option for me. 


None of the optimisation extensions minifying js and CSS etc don't do the job. 


So far only Nitro Pack manage to produce scores +90. Unfortunately Nitro is not updated to work with v2.4.x and they don't reply if they are working on an update for Magento. The existing extension for Magento 2.3.2 has a few bugs. 


After all this time there really is no tool or services that will solve this crucial issue?




Re: Magento 2.4.x responsive and Google Web Core Vitals.

At JetRails, we've been seeing partners start to use the Hyvä theme to get fantastic core web vitals scores. It's not a PWA. Hyvä is built with TailwindCSS and AlpineJS.


Here's a demo store where you can test the Google Lighthouse scores in real time:


The Hyvä Slack group already has over 1,200 members, so it's definitely been attracting devs.


It also supports a variety of 3rd party checkout page replacements, from OneStepCheckout to Bolt. 


It's not free, but beyond that, it seems to be very well-liked.


Best of luck!