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Magento demo

Magento demo

Hi Magento users,

We have a potential client that would like to see a demo of Magento 2 back-end. Is there anything hosted by Magento that we can use? an instance with test data? or maybe we should install an instance for this purpose? I noticed some companies already set this up for their clients (I assume). 


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Re: Magento demo

Hi @banar,


You should probably set up your own Magento 2 with the demo data if you want to show it to clients. 


The documentation on how to install is here:


Information on installing the sample data is here:


If you are unable to set up your own demo, there are demos available on the web:




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Re: Magento demo

Wow, I haven't heard that there are demo versions. It's great!