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Magento fail to show content

Magento fail to show content

we have just installed magento2 and some of our lucky friends sees this page with not content what so ever. Most of you however can see our page without any problem. I am not sure how one site can be seen without problem, and other fail to load most of the content.



screen opi and max.JPG


Re: Magento fail to show content

@ertan_akgul may be they have open your website before you have imported the products.


Currently it is running perfectly fine.



Re: Magento fail to show content

Hello @ertan_akgul 


Your website is showing very well, I can confirm from India

Found something useful, "Kudos" and "Accept as Solution" for Token of Appreciation.

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Re: Magento fail to show content

@ertan_akgul, the content appears to be loading from the USA too. 


Is it possible that some people previously visited the site, and are seeing a cached copy in their browser? If so, asking them to flush their browser cache should solve the issue. 

Re: Magento fail to show content

thank you for replay, I have just checked magento2 admin in USA. In admin there is no products categories it is just a blanc magento site. There seems to be 2 different website installed and one looking into empty site other the one I have been using.


I have checked the ip addess and I get identical result, so USA getting empty site.


I think i need to divert the trafic to the correct site and delete the empty instalation



Re: Magento fail to show content

I have the same issue, bro. Have you solved it?